About Us

Hello and welcome!

Doughrific KIDS is a family owned small business in San Antonio Texas. Each kit is thoughtfully assembled by hand and packaged with our homemade dough. Our kits are made with high quality, stackable containers that are perfect for home, school, road trips or grandma’s house!

I’m Stacey- mama, wife and creator of Doughrific KIDS. My husband Greg and I have two kiddos, Bryson (8) and Charlee (4). Doughrific KIDS launched in 2020 after I created some fun sensory playdough kits for my kids during quarantine. I searched online and wasn’t happy with options and pricing. I decided to expand my themes and share my love of creating and sensory play with families everywhere! 

We have always had a passion for sensory play. Our son Bryson was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and autism when he was two years old. Since then, sensory has become a household word for us. I created these kits with him in mind- I find a specific theme and add fun accessories and items that encourage imaginary play while igniting the senses.

Thank you so much for checking out our website and products! With your support of our small business, we hope to share the love and passion of Doughrific KIDS with your friends and family.

What is sensory play?

Sensory play is an important aspect of childhood development. It includes using all five senses we are familiar with (taste, touch, smell, see, and hear). Sensory play is for all children! 

“Play is the work of children” -Maria Montessori

Young children learn to develop their senses through play. It is crucial for them to get messy and create! Sensory play can help to:

  1. Build language and vocabulary
  2. Develop fine motor skills used for writing and scissor cutting,
  3. Improve motor skills through repetitive movements
  4. Build pathways in the brain by connecting different parts to one another
  5. Improve critical thinking skills
  6. Aid in the development of pretend play
  7. Improve creativity and problem solving
  8. Calm anxiety

Nowadays its more important than ever to find activities that are both educational and fun while reducing screen time!

Best of all, sensory play can be done anywhere! Several of our customers have enjoyed our sensory kits outdoors.